Well I hope y’all have had a spectacular, chocolate-filled Easter…

Anyways, for all of you people in school reading this, you’ve either just started your holidays, or already been on holiday for the past week, and you are already feeling the boredom kick in. Same. That’s why all that I’m writing this week is lists and sad, sad posts about Grey’s Anatomy. I promise that when I get back to school I’ll have heaps of stuff to write about… Cross my heart. But until then… a list of interesting websites and ipod touch apps to kill the boredom. (Sorry)

1. Crazy Libs

I used to do these all the time when I was younger, and earlier today I had the brilliant idea to find one again. This website is hilarious. You choose a story, then fill in the words it asks for. You get really weird stories, like people getting stabbed in the temporoparietalis with a retractor (teehee), and you can also do “self help” ones which turn out really funnily.

2. Tap Tap Revenge 3

Yes, incredibly old. But fun. And free. Iphone/ipod touch users, download it now. It’s also a way to find awesome music.

3. Polyvore

Definitely more for girls, and completely free (no buying membership crap). You get to choose clothes and put them together and make outfits, or just get random pictures and make a collage. Add me, little_grey.

4. Virtual Families

Really, seriously addictive app. Choose a person, get married, make a family. Make sure they are healthy and happy, and earn money… This one is $2.49 in the app store though a lite version is available.

5. Ameba Pico

Now this is more of a facebook app than a website (just search on facebook, sorry I could’nt get a link), but it’s fun all the same. Create a character, walk around, meet friends. Because farming’s getting old… well, at least that’s what every add for every single application that isn’t farmville says…

And finally, here’s an awesome song, and a great way to get rid of stress that has built up over the term…

Uh-Merica by Regina Spektor!!!
I can’t provide a download link but it is available on itunes. It’ll have you yelling out “UH” at the top of your lungs though, so I advise you to be cautious when listening in public places. Oh, and the live version’s better.

RANDOM VIDEO OF THE DAY (or at least, when this post is published)
Fireflies – Owl City (live)

I personally hate the guy, hate the song. But his dance moves are just so… um… constipated much?