Grey’s Anatomy Season 6. The event that shook the nation… well not quite, but with George’s death, and Izzie’s “final farewell”, as, idiotically, advertised by channel 7, it came close. When the season began, Grey’s Anatomy was one of the most tweeted topics (“Omg grey’s anatomy season premiere”, “watching Grey’s Anatomy!!! Wooo!!!”).

Yes, I am a Grey’s Anatomy fan. Well, more than a fan. Due to the fact that I live in Australia, I get to watch the episodes after everyone else in the world (namely, America), I am quite often found running up internet bills watching episodes that haven’t aired in Australia yet, so my fellow Australians, if you don’t want a spoiler, I suggest you stop reading now.

Now first off, George was my favourite character. I didn’t want him to die. I understand there were reasons, but I’m not going to go into that now. And I’m over it.

Then, the creators and writers of Grey’s (Krista Vernoff, Shonda Rhimes, Joan Rater, Betsy Beers, Tony Phelan etc.) decided that Mark had a daughter that would ruin Mark and Lexie’s relationship. Once again, I liked “Slexie”.

Now everything’s about Teddy, Owen and Cristina. I used to be the hugest fan of the Owenstina pairing, but now Teddy’s here, I feel like screaming to the TV (or computer) screen “break up with her Owen! You want Teddy, Teddy wants you!”, but I don’t cos I’d look crazy.

And then there’s Private Practice, which I won’t start because if you get me started I won’t stop…

So there’s my wild rantings… I’m on school holidays so the things I’d usually complain to my friends about are hard to complain about unless I want the whole of facebook to see… so… I know I sound really pathetic right now so this is me clicking the publish button right… NOW!