Well, happy May, everyone…

I do believe it has been about a month since I last posted, and for that I apologise sincerely… So…

How’s everyone going? Is there even an everyone? For all I know I could have one reader (hello out there, Julie). If you are reading this, please make yourself known…

Well, this is just a quick post, now I’m off to do my playlist of the month for you lucky reader(s)…




I’m assuming y’all know Jungle Drum… Y’know, the one where Emiliana Torrini randomly starts yelling out drum sounds in the middle of the chorus (well, really, that must be commended because it is really hard to make them as realistic as she did). But Emiliana Torrini has far better songs than Jungle Drum. Take, for example, Me and Armini, which is pretty much one of the most addictive songs ever. Then there’s the relaxing melodies of songs like Birds, Dead Things and Today Has Been Okay. For a lot of you, you would have heard songs like Serenade on the Grey’s Anatomy soundtrack…

So I’m just saying that I really like Emiliana Torrini, and if you really haven’t heard of her then I suggest you listen to her songs.



Well I hope y’all have had a spectacular, chocolate-filled Easter…

Anyways, for all of you people in school reading this, you’ve either just started your holidays, or already been on holiday for the past week, and you are already feeling the boredom kick in. Same. That’s why all that I’m writing this week is lists and sad, sad posts about Grey’s Anatomy. I promise that when I get back to school I’ll have heaps of stuff to write about… Cross my heart. But until then… a list of interesting websites and ipod touch apps to kill the boredom. (Sorry)

1. Crazy Libs

I used to do these all the time when I was younger, and earlier today I had the brilliant idea to find one again. This website is hilarious. You choose a story, then fill in the words it asks for. You get really weird stories, like people getting stabbed in the temporoparietalis with a retractor (teehee), and you can also do “self help” ones which turn out really funnily.

2. Tap Tap Revenge 3

Yes, incredibly old. But fun. And free. Iphone/ipod touch users, download it now. It’s also a way to find awesome music.

3. Polyvore

Definitely more for girls, and completely free (no buying membership crap). You get to choose clothes and put them together and make outfits, or just get random pictures and make a collage. Add me, little_grey.

4. Virtual Families

Really, seriously addictive app. Choose a person, get married, make a family. Make sure they are healthy and happy, and earn money… This one is $2.49 in the app store though a lite version is available.

5. Ameba Pico

Now this is more of a facebook app than a website (just search on facebook, sorry I could’nt get a link), but it’s fun all the same. Create a character, walk around, meet friends. Because farming’s getting old… well, at least that’s what every add for every single application that isn’t farmville says…

And finally, here’s an awesome song, and a great way to get rid of stress that has built up over the term…

Uh-Merica by Regina Spektor!!!
I can’t provide a download link but it is available on itunes. It’ll have you yelling out “UH” at the top of your lungs though, so I advise you to be cautious when listening in public places. Oh, and the live version’s better.

RANDOM VIDEO OF THE DAY (or at least, when this post is published)
Fireflies – Owl City (live)

I personally hate the guy, hate the song. But his dance moves are just so… um… constipated much?




So I’ve decided that every month, I am going to post 10 songs that I love for all my darling readers  to listen to. If you like any of these songs please support the artists and buy them… anyway, here it is:

1. Waiting for the Monster to Drown – Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly.

If the awesome artist name doesn’t convince you, this song is incredibly cute, especially the beginning.

2. You Make My Dreams – Hall and Oates

Bouncy, just makes me feel like dancing, but I don’t, because that would just be random

3. I Don’t Feel Like Dancing – Scissor Sisters

Yes, you’ve probably heard it… but it’s really good, and contrary to the title (and similar to You Make My Dreams)it does make me feel like dancing.

4. Bourgeois Shangri-la – Miss Li

Why must Apple choose the most addicting songs for their ads?

5. Rocket – Ursula 1000

I heard this song for the first time ever playing Tap Tap on my ipod, and the love blossomed from there…

6. The Calculation – Regina Spektor

“So we made our own computer out of macaroni pieces”. Yes, this is the song that inspired the blog title, and what an awesome song it is…

7. Mushaboom – Feist

Ahh… Feist. Really. This is one of the best songs ever.

8. Good Intentions Paving Company – Joanna Newsom

Her voice is… different, but in an awesome way…

9. Just the Same But Brand New – St. Vincent

Somehow it’s vaguely relaxing, very (as Cooper  from Private Practice would say) zen. Beautiful song.

10. Kaboom – Ursula 1000

Yes, this is the second time I’ve mentioned Ursula 1000, but this song is just hilarious. “Zoom! Kaboom! Bam! Bling!”… need I say more?

Grey’s Anatomy Season 6. The event that shook the nation… well not quite, but with George’s death, and Izzie’s “final farewell”, as, idiotically, advertised by channel 7, it came close. When the season began, Grey’s Anatomy was one of the most tweeted topics (“Omg grey’s anatomy season premiere”, “watching Grey’s Anatomy!!! Wooo!!!”).

Yes, I am a Grey’s Anatomy fan. Well, more than a fan. Due to the fact that I live in Australia, I get to watch the episodes after everyone else in the world (namely, America), I am quite often found running up internet bills watching episodes that haven’t aired in Australia yet, so my fellow Australians, if you don’t want a spoiler, I suggest you stop reading now.

Now first off, George was my favourite character. I didn’t want him to die. I understand there were reasons, but I’m not going to go into that now. And I’m over it.

Then, the creators and writers of Grey’s (Krista Vernoff, Shonda Rhimes, Joan Rater, Betsy Beers, Tony Phelan etc.) decided that Mark had a daughter that would ruin Mark and Lexie’s relationship. Once again, I liked “Slexie”.

Now everything’s about Teddy, Owen and Cristina. I used to be the hugest fan of the Owenstina pairing, but now Teddy’s here, I feel like screaming to the TV (or computer) screen “break up with her Owen! You want Teddy, Teddy wants you!”, but I don’t cos I’d look crazy.

And then there’s Private Practice, which I won’t start because if you get me started I won’t stop…

So there’s my wild rantings… I’m on school holidays so the things I’d usually complain to my friends about are hard to complain about unless I want the whole of facebook to see… so… I know I sound really pathetic right now so this is me clicking the publish button right… NOW!

So… this is not my first blog… I have made countless blogs in the past, but I end up losing interest in the topic, or just saying “screw this, I don’t have time/I have writer’s block/I sound like an idiot.” So here goes nothing…

My name is Amelia, and I am (contrary to my username) in no way French. I just wanted something lyrical in my username/web address so I spent about ten minutes on google translate trying to find something that sounds nice. It means melodic heart, which sounds really quite corny in English, but the French translation is cool… Anyways, this is just a blog about my opinion on things going on in the world, the music I like (I can guarantee you’ll love it too) and (a lot) on the TV shows I watch… so…

this is coeurmelodiques, signing out.

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